5K Reverse Log Pots

Niklas Lindberg niklasl at eritel.se
Thu Mar 14 10:24:16 CET 1996

Well, to my knowledge there are no such components as reverse log pots...

My guess is, what you should get is an ordinary 5k log pot. If the
schematic states "reverse log pot" the term reverse probably indicates
that the pot is connected "in reverse" (which means that to increase Q
the resistance of the pot should be decreased).

This is my guess, anyway...

Niklas.Lindberg at ees.enator.se

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I've been looking through all of my catalogs for a source of 5K Reverse Log
Pots.  They are needed for the SSM2044 VCLPF 'Q' control (on Ric Miller's
ARF Pages).  I've looked at All Electronics, Digi-Key, Electronic Goldmine,
Jameco, MCM, MECI, Mouser, JDR Microdevices and Parts Express.

Does anyone know of a source?

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