WTD: EN Slinky Springs Reverb Circuit

gstopp at fibermux.com gstopp at fibermux.com
Tue Mar 12 21:31:59 CET 1996

     If you know the missing issue # maybe I can look for it and fax it... 
     I don't remember anything more than a simple diagram with no specific 
     I've built spring reverbs before, most with the traditional reverb 
     tanks, but once I made one with a slinky. Basically with any 
     mechanical reverberation system you need a good strong coil driver and 
     a high-gain coil pickup amplifier, with EQ to taste.
     Here's what I did with the slinky: I used two 8" speakers, one for the 
     driver, one for the pickup (a speaker can be used as a microphone). 
     The biggest problem is the fact that a stock off-the-shelf slinky (are 
     these still made??) will need to be stretched about fifty feet, and 
     the resulting tension at the ends will be a couple pounds of pull on 
     the driver and pickup. First I needed to adapt the slinkey ends to the 
     speaker cones. For this I used the cardboard centers of rolls of duct 
     tape after the tape's all used up - same diameter as a slinky! I poked 
     a bunch of tiny holes near the edge of the cardboard cylinder and 
     "stitched" the first couple of turns of the slinky onto it with 
     24-gauge wire. Then I glued the cardboard onto the speaker cone. Then 
     I ran rubber bands from the speaker cage mounting holes across the 
     carboard cylinder, to pull the cone all the way into the magnet. Once 
     the slinky is suspended the ends need to be pulled apart until the 
     speakers at both ends have their cones pulled out into the center of 
     their travel within the speaker cage.
     Drive one end with a normal power amplifier like an old stereo. Pickup 
     the signal at the other end with a high-gain preamp. Listen to it with 
     headphones, turn it way up, hit the slinky with your finger, and 
     lobotomize yourself for undertaking such a ridiculous project.
     Okay seriously the end result is great for making Star Wars ray gun 
     noises etc.
     - Gene
     gstopp at fibermux.com

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Subject: WTD: EN Slinky Springs Reverb Circuit
Author:  "A.S.P." <ms20 at zebu.serv.net> at ccrelayout
Date:    3/12/96 2:21 AM

I'm missing the one volume of Electronotes that contains this circuit.  
Would one of you make a copy of it for me or scan it in and email it?

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