606 vs. 808 kick

Rev. Philip Lockwood leaf at metalithic.com
Tue Mar 12 07:43:22 CET 1996

Hi, guys,

I hope this isn't too far out of topic (I only joined a few days ago and 
am still getting a feel for this) - but I was wondering if anyone had 
scans of the 808 kick section?

Here's my situation:  I have a 606 which has a pretty limp kick.  Well, I 
was checking out the 808 mod on hyperreal and noticed that the bridged-T 
section looked suspiciously like the 606 kick (where the 606 has two 
tuned oscillators comprising the kick)...  So anyway, I got to playing 
around with the kick - varying the cap and resistor values, but I still 
don't have it quite right.  So what I was wondering was if anyone knew 
the values of the 808's kick section?  Is it two bridge-t's as well, and, 
if so, what are the corresponding r1, r2, c1, and c2 values as defined by 
the following schem???

FIG. 11:    --------/\/\----------
            |        R2          |
            |                    |
            |   C1    > R1 C2    |
            |         <          |
            |--|\     v GND      | 
               |  \______________|____  Periodic wave out
               |  /
Pulse in ------|/   

f = 1/(2pi*SQRT(R1*R2*C1*C2))
Q = SQRT(R2/R1)/(SQRT(C1/C2)+SQRT(C2/C1))
(graciously copied from the hyperreal archives)



p.s.  I'll post whatever luck I have to hyperreal and the list if anyone is

p.p.s.  if anyone has any 808 schems to post, that would be even better!  =)

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