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Scott Gravenhorst, Synthaholic chordman at
Tue Mar 12 01:44:21 CET 1996

You wrote: 
>Someone told me once about the VCO offset "sticking"... There was a 
>fix for that, does anyone happen to remeber what it was?

Do you mean 'soft sync'?  If so, there is a mod that replaces the 10 
ohm resistors feeding power to the 555 timers with LEDs that more 
effectively isolate the VCOs.

>Also, just to let everyone know, I built some of the mods for this 
>Two LFO's, one Sub-harmonic generator, and the Hard-sync.
>Well.. The LFO's sound LIKE CRAP!  I didn't use all of the correct 
cap's but I did the best I could.  +/- 10% tol? I don't think so..

Are these my LFO circuits or others?  mine sound fine.  Perhaps you 
could further explain what 'CRAP' sounds like and I can help you.

>The Sub-Harmonic filter works great! It does just what it says it 
>does! It makes REALLY deep Bass.

This one I know is mine.  Thank you.
>The Hardsync? I'm not sure what it's supposed to do but it makes a 
>really *STRANGE* sound when it's on.

It is supposed to sound strange.

>Unfortunately, it doesn't sound as pretty as it looks...
>Oh well... 
> - Edgar Froese

-- Scott G., Synthaholic

There is no 12 step program for synthaholics.  Thank your Superior Being.

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