Designing a Patchable Modular Synthesizer with Memory

Kevin majmoog at
Wed Mar 6 22:16:15 CET 1996

>>   Of course, the biggest problem w/ Clive's pie-in-the-sky modular is the=20
>>   switching matrix.  To build a 64x64 (what I consider the minimum useable=20
>>   number) audio/cv switching matrix
>>You can get 64x64 effectiveness with a lot less if you're clever.
>>CMOS switches can do the job just fine.
>Check out the analog matrix ic´s from Mitel !
>They have got some circuits in different sizes. The biggest has got a matrix
>with 8x16 !!! They are very easy to program (one DATA line, one CS, a
>STROBE, one RESET, and an address port.)
>You can switch up to 12Vpp (so maybe you have to convert control voltages of
>+/- 15V bofore the matrix and restaurate them after the matrix).
>Package: 40 pin DIP or 44 pin PLCC

Have you checked out the Harris CD22M3494 crosspoint switcherS? 8x16 as
well in assorted package designs.

Anyone know how the Harris compares to the Mitel?


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