Designing a Patchable Modular Synthesizer with Memory

Colin Fraser colinf at
Wed Mar 6 09:22:56 CET 1996

On Mar 5, 10:38pm, Don Tillman wrote:
> Subject: RE: Designing a Patchable Modular Synthesizer with Memory
> It's weeks later, but I just wanted to add something to the patchable
> modular discussion but I never got around to it...


> CMOS switches can do the job just fine.

Motorola make a CMOS analogue switch (can't remember the number right now)
that comprises a 4 x 4 matrix of CMOS switches. There are address, data and
strobe inputs that can be used to switch each switch off or on, and 8
input/outputs for the four rows and columns. These chips only cost a couple
of quid, so a matrix of 16 of them could be assembled quite cheaply to
provide a fully digitally controlled matrix similar to a EMS VCS3. The chip
can pass signals of up to 15v, so would most usefully be configured for 0-15v
or +/-7.5v.

I've been considering using these chips for patching in my forthcoming
modular. If anyones interested, I'll look up further details.




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