Designing a Patchable Modular Synthesizer with Memory

Ullrich Peter ullrich at
Wed Mar 6 08:01:26 CET 1996

>   Of course, the biggest problem w/ Clive's pie-in-the-sky modular is the=20
>   switching matrix.  To build a 64x64 (what I consider the minimum useable=20
>   number) audio/cv switching matrix 
>You can get 64x64 effectiveness with a lot less if you're clever.

>CMOS switches can do the job just fine.

Check out the analog matrix ic´s from Mitel !
They have got some circuits in different sizes. The biggest has got a matrix
with 8x16 !!! They are very easy to program (one DATA line, one CS, a
STROBE, one RESET, and an address port.)

You can switch up to 12Vpp (so maybe you have to convert control voltages of
+/- 15V bofore the matrix and restaurate them after the matrix).

Package: 40 pin DIP or 44 pin PLCC


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