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Subject: TR-606 Indiv Out MOD!!!
From:  keydaddle at aol.com,Usenet News
To:  rec.music.makers.synth

I just bought a TR-606 that was mod'ed to have individual outputs
for all 5 sound pots (ie L/H tom are still one out) this mod really
makes the 606 the little brother of the TR-808.

I paid a pretty penny ($400) just because I thought it was a
useful thing to have. I really can't afford this much but I also 
did not want to pass it up.

I'm hoping maybe the rest of you 606 owners might be able to help
me out here and I can help you also.

If you are interested in doing this mod to your unit I would be
happy to guide you through it. I'd ask is a small 'donation' in
return for my efforts and to help me pay some of my cost to get
the thing.

I'd think $15 or so would be pretty fair for my time. I'll give you
a schematic for the mod and a list of parts, all available from Radio
Shack for a few bucks.

If you have a decent soldering iron and are steady handed you can do 
it no problem.

email me if your interested!!!


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