Minimoog oscillator

BRUCE DUNCAN brucejd at
Sat Mar 2 21:30:18 CET 1996

This is my first posting on synth-diy so I'm a little nervous.

Anyway I've just finished building the Minimoog oscillator pre. ser# 10175
and making a pcb for it .
Needless to say it sounds awsome especially going through
the Minimoog filter that I built previously. I have added 2 cv ins and
pwmod and pw adjust to the oscillator which makes it more versatile
than the stock mini which only had several pulse waves to chose from.

My question to anyone is: has any one else built this oscillator
out there and if so do you think its possible to use a different exponential
converter circuit than the one Moog used as it requires that all cv ins
have -5V offset otherwise the pitch jumps 5 octaves when you plug in your 
1/Volt per Oct controller or cv in or whatever. I have'nt built the
elaborate range switch circuit as I want to use one pot to sweep the full
range and I don't think this will help anyway. 

Hope I'm not boring you all with previously covered stuff. 
Any thoughts apreciated.


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