Noise Generators and trigger pads

NegatvNein at NegatvNein at
Fri Mar 1 03:49:40 CET 1996

hi, can anyone tell me how to make a nice quick white noise generator (for
the Non song "Cleanliness and Order") i was going to use a trigger pad with a
4011 to scr bounceless switch to gate it, but i am building the trigger pads
from drum practice pads and i have tried using a piezo buzzer as a trigger
switch, but but when i hook it up to my multimeter, and
strike,beat,kick,slam,etc... the piezo buzzer does not complete a circuit, do
i need a specific type? i always thought the were the same, i don't think
this one has an oscillator in it, could anyone help me with that? but the
main thing is generating nice thick "stable" white noise, it is probably
common knoledge, but i never looked into it.

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