CMOS switches revisited

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Wed Jan 31 19:13:54 CET 1996

Thanks everyone for helping me with the 4016.  Now I have a few more questions.  

First, are CMOS switces directional?  Some people said pin 3 and 4 of the 4016 
were signal b in and out respectively, and some said it was the other way 

Second, there's a 4053 in this ckt too, and I have assumed it is a series of a/b 
switches (it's used to choose between saw and pulse waves).  Anybody know the 
pinout off the top of your head?  I ask because only 2 switches are used and 
some of the other pins are grounded or left hanging and I want to be careful if 
I go in and start cutting traces that I don't screw something up.

Third, there are a couple CA3080s in the ckt, which I always thought were 
opamps, but they sure don't look like opamps in this ckt.  Can someone enlighten 
me?  I realize it's scandalous that I am an EE and I don't know this stuff, but 
as I have already explained to one person, it is not uncommon. :)  I had one 
class where I *may* have learned about specific chips like these.  I did learn 
about the various semiconductor technologies (of the day) and some specific 
applications, but that was 8 or so years ago, and I haven't done anything in 
electronics since.  Anyway, thanks for your patience and your help!

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