building my first synth

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Wed Jan 31 16:37:22 CET 1996

>And I don't think it will cost much money either. If I ignore
most of the MIDI messages except note on note off messages I would 
only need ...

Hi -

Because of the nature of the MIDI data stream, running status and 
the common use of "note-on" with 0 velocity instead of "note-off" 
particularly, it's not quite this easy in real life. You can't 
simply ignore data other than note-on/off, etc. because the other 
data impacts the way the data you _do_ want is arranged.

You're right that it won't cost much money, You should be able to 
find 8051s (or 31s) for a few bucks and they have the ACIA built 
in. But the code required is not trivial and you should plan on 
spending more time that you imagine in design.

BTW, FatMan code, source and hex files, are posted on our web 
pages. Maybe they will help with your design decisions and you are 
more than welcome to use them totally or partially in a 
non-commercial product.


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