CV-able gate time?

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Wed Jan 31 19:53:00 CET 1996

> What would be involved in putting a cv-able gate output on an analog
> sequencer?  I'm looking for something I can feed a row of cv values into
> to create different note lengths at the sequencer's gate.  WOuld a simple
> PWM circuit do the trick?

Yes. I think using a ramp (saw) clock oscillator and deriving the gate 
with a PWM circuit is the best way to do it.
Other possibilities would be a VC-Monoflop (with a 555), but the gate
time would be independent of the clock freq then. (Might be interesting as 
My own sequencer, which is clocked externally (i.e. without its own clock
generator) also uses the PWM technique. This way I have all degrees of
freedom: When I clock it with a pulse, I have the same pulse width at the
sequencer's gate output. When I clock it with a saw or triangle, I can 
the gate time by simply *adding* a CV to the input wave - not even a second
input is required! (with an external adder, of course ...)


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