CV-able gate time?

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Wed Jan 31 02:33:31 CET 1996

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>Subject: CV-able gate time?
>What would be involved in putting a cv-able gate output on an analog 
>sequencer?  I'm looking for something I can feed a row of cv values into 
>to create different note lengths at the sequencer's gate.  WOuld a simple 
>PWM circuit do the trick?

I came up with a 'Per Step' adjustable gate length circuit for my sequencer
that I designed last year.  With a 3080, this should be readily CVable.

Can you receive GIFs in email or should I put that bit up on my homepage?


P.S.  It is PWM based.
    Ric Miller - founder of Deathlehem
  There's a lot of new stuff up including 
layout - schematics and tunes as of 26/1/96

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