what's a 4016?

ldavid at lae.lad.gmeds.com ldavid at lae.lad.gmeds.com
Tue Jan 30 21:18:57 CET 1996

Hey all,

I'm trying to digest the voice board schem for my OB-SX (with an eye toward 
liberating it/them from preset puratory) and there's one chip I can't id that 
I'm sure is a simple one that someone can easily 'splain me.  It's a 4016.  It 
appears to control the mix of the osc's, including soft sync and crossmod; as 
well as the filter tracking.  If someone can tell me the pinout as well as a 
general description, that would be great!  (I know I need to get an IC databook, 
any recommendations on a fairly complete one that doesn't cost an arm and a 


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