building my first synthesiser

DocteurU at DocteurU at
Mon Jan 29 19:14:36 CET 1996

	Hi, I am new to this list and I am looking forward to build my
first small analog synth.

	I am doing this as an university project, so I could have access
to oscilloscopes, multimeters etc without having to buy them. The problem
that goes with that is I have to do this in 130 hours or so.

	I want to build a midi controlled (note on and off only) monophonic
synthesiser which will consist of:

	1 VCO Module
	1 VCF Module 
	1 Envelope (Attack Decay) Module

	I don't think I'll have to much problem doing the midi receiver. 
I have knowledge of electronics, but not of specific musical electronics.
( I have a good idea how a VCO or VCF works, but don't know the details)

	I am looking for tips and informations about how to build VCO's VCF's
and envelope generators. Also how many modules it is feasable to build
in the time limit that I have. 

	Thanks in advance.


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