Electronotes Summary?

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Mon Jan 29 18:02:50 CET 1996

    <HJ2743 at denbgm3xm.scnn1.msmgate.m30x.nbg.scn.de> writes:
>>     Also thanks for the reviews of the other modules. The ringing envelope 
>>     sounds like something I may want in the future.
>A few more comments on this one:
>The module is nice, but it has some problems also:
>I would use a separate Attack pot, nor working relative to the R pot,
>if I would do it again.
>Care should be taken for offset adjustment of each ota; otherwise
>you have a large offset depending on the release time setting!
>I would never prefer this module to a "real" ADSR, but it is a nice
>"alternative" EG. I replaced the input comparator by a buffer, thus having
>a resonant slew limiter also.

My copy has no explanatory text for EG-6 or EG-7, just the schematics.
Am I missing a page?

Likewise the VCA section includes only the contents page and a
paragraph on each of VCA-1 and VCA-2, and nothing on VCA-3 or VCA-4
but the schematics (though I have Ric Miller's writeup on VCA-3).
VCA-3's schematic has a section labelled "Special Control Features
(See Text)", but there is no text.  Should there be more?

- Rich Holmes

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