909 schematics.

Colin Fraser colinf at easter.euro.csg.mot.com
Mon Jan 29 14:24:56 CET 1996

After my recent request on the list for a dump of the sample roms for the
909, various people asked for a copy of the 909 schematics.
The distribution lists going about for the Electro Notes seems like the best
way of doing this, as it means I only need top make one copy to mail!

At the moment I have the service manuals for 909, 303 and 606. The 808 manual
should be arriving soon, tho' this one was ordered from Japan by Roland UK so
it may take longer than they say - the 303 notes took 4 months.

If anyone is interested in a Roland X0X distribution list, send me an e-mail,
and I'll see what I can organize.



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