electronotes distribution MKII

Barry Bernard yrrab at well.com
Mon Jan 29 00:43:46 CET 1996


  There's alot more people on the list now for the E-notes PCC. Here's what it
looks like now, more or less in order ( a twisty path through North America
from Los Angeles). Since There is someone in New York who also has a copy from
Gene, maybe a second chain can be sent to 1/2 the list backwards from there.

1. Richard Martin- Anaheim, CA
2. Steven Varner- Escondido, CA
3. Mark Cecys- San Jose, CA
4. Duane Balvage- Portland, OR
5. Steve Morrison- Midvale, Utah
6. Byron Jacquot- Laramie, WY
7. Wes Henry- Fargo, ND
8. Dan Higdon- Austin, TX.
9. R.G. Keen- Austin, TX
10. Chris Dunham- Gainesville, GA
11. Tomy Hudson- Greenville, SC
12. Scott Rider- Fairmont, WV
13. Bob Zimmer- Exton, PA
14. Bill Fox- Nazareth, PA
15. David Siffrit- Columbus, Ohio
16. Ross Lahlum- Mt. Prospect, IL
17. Olivier Hebert- Quebec City, Quebec

Once again, the object of the game is to make a copy for yourself when you
recieve it, and then send the ORIGINAL to the next person on the list to
deterioration of the info.

  Apparently, There are some differences in the copies of the PCC circulated
by Ric Miller. Because these copies are from different years, I understand
that there are some circuits or options that appear in one that do not appear
in the other and vice versa. If I try to collect a more comprehensive copy
of the PCC, this might delay the distribution even further. So, what would be
the preference of everyone ? This sort of thing could get messy considering
there are also probably alot of EN circuits out there floating around that
aren't part of the Preferred Circuit Collection.

  So, email me or the the list to get some kind of consensus going.

      -Barry Bernard

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