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Subject: Re: EN Frequency Shifter
Author:  Mark Smart <smart at nn.com> at ccrelayout
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I think there's a robot in "Return of the Jedi" whose voice is done using 
the same effect. In the scene where C3P0 and R2D2 are being introduced to 
Jabba the Hutt's chief robot. He says something like "Well, you're a fiesty 
little one, but you'll soon learn respect".
I'm PRETTY sure that's what they did to his voice.
>      Hi List,
>      OK go out and find a video store that carries the episodes of the 
>      "Outer Limits". That's the old 60's show, not the current cable TV 
>      version. Find the episode called "The Galaxy Being" and rent it. This 
>      was the pilot episode for the series, starring a very young Cliff 
>      Robertson. It's actually a really cool episode and stands well to this 
>      day among the best of sci-fi Hollywood productions. But that's beside 
>      the point.
>      Anyway the alien dude (played by William O. Douglas fer chrissake's) 
>      voice effect is somebody talking through a frequency shifter. Actually 
>      considering the era of this show, it was probably done by using a ham 
>      radio tuned off-station or some other single-sideband radio jock 
>      trick. But the sound is the same. Build the EN frequency shifter, hook 
>      a mike into it, start talking and turning knobs, and you've got the 
>      dead ringer.
>      - Gene
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