A pile of paper

Rich Holmes rsholmes at mailbox.syr.edu
Fri Jan 26 19:21:56 CET 1996

Anyone want a BIG stack (about 200 pages, single sided) of stuff
relating to analog synth building: discussions of construction
techniques, module designs and experiments, schematics and PC board
layouts, etc.?  Virtually all of it is from the AH and SYNTH-DIY
archives and various web pages; it's categorized by the type of module
under discussion or other topic.  There's a little bit of overlap with
the EN Preferred Circuits Collection and Klein's book, but not much.

See, I downloaded all this stuff and printed it out.  But there were
two problems with this stack of paper: it was printed on one side of
the page, and on many pages the left margin was too small to allow
hole-punching to put it in a binder.

Both problems were fairly easily cured in a session at a photocopier.
However, I'm left with the original pile, and I'd hate to just dump it
all in the recycle bin.

So, anyone want it?  Send me your snail address and I'll mail it out.
If I get multiple responses, maybe we can set up an EN-like
distribution (you receive it, you copy it, you mail it to the next

- Rich Holmes

    "Not every tradition, however entrenched, is attractive.  Some
	 should be closed down immediately." -- Miss Manners

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