Electronotes Summary?

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     Electronotes Preferred Circuits Collection Summary -
     Part 1 - Basics and Plans
     Part 2 - Standards and Modular Design
     Part 3 - Preferred Circuits
     Option      Description              Personal Notes
     Power Supplies:
     (I'll skip these, power supplies aren't really modules)
     Controller Interfaces:
     CI-1       Digital low-note pri      Built many, they are flawless
     CI-2       Analog                    Full of little bugs
     CI-3-Acc   Scaling and Ranging ckt   Easy and useful
     Voltage-Controlled Oscillators:
     VCO-1      Sawtooth-based            Not tried
     VCO-2      Triangle-based            Excellent VCO, wide range
     VCO-3      555 Timer Utility         Not intended for precision
     VCO-4      Thru-zero linear          Never tried
     VCO-5      8038 Utility              Never tried
     VCO-6      SSM 2030-based            Works great, hard to find chip
     Manually-Controlled Oscillators:
     MCO-1      Sine oscillators          Never tried
     MCO-2      Triangle-Square fixed     Easy
     MCO-3      Sawtooth                  Never tried
     MCO-4      Variable Waveshape        Works great
     MCO-5      8038-based                Never tried
     MCO-6      LM3900-based              Never tried
     MCO-7      Same as MCO-2, tuneable   Easy, wide range, excellent waves
     Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers:
     VCA-1      3046-based linear         Never tried
     VCA-2      3080-based lin-exp        Excellent basic VCA
     VCA-3      3080-based linear         Really simple, works fine
     VCA-4      SSM 2020-based            Works great, hard to find chip
     Envelope Followers:
     EF-1       LM3900-based FWR          Never tried
     EF-2       LM324-based FWR           Never tried
     EF-3       Dual FWR                  Never tried
     EF-4       Cascaded FWR              Never tried
     Voltage-Controlled Filters:
     VCF-1      State-variable, 3140's    Excellent performance
     VCF-2      State-variable, FET's     Excellent performance
     VCF-3      4-pole 3080-based         Never tried
     VCF-4      SSM 2040-based            Excellent 4-pole sound
     VCF-5      Variable-slope            Never tried
     VCF-6      Hi-ripple Chebyshev       Never tried
     VCF-7      Switched-capacitor        Very weird, like a flanger
     VCF-8      SSM "Polygon"             Never tried
     Timbre Modulators:
     TM-1       Non-linear feedabck amp   Never tried
     TM-2       Odd-even Crossfade        Never tried
     TM-3       Double-pulse shaper       Never tried
     Envelope Generators:
     EG-1       Analog Switch ADSR        Never tried
     EG-2       Same with delay           Never tried
     EG-3       Simple AD                 Works well
     EG-4       AD/AR sum ADSR            Works well
     EG-5       SSM 2050-based            Works great, hard to find chip
     EG-6       Ringing ASR               Never tried
     EG-7       ADSR with muting          Never tried
     Balanced Modulators:
     BM-1       Dual 3080                 Works well
     BM-2       1595-based                Never tried
     BM-3       Analog Devices AD533      Excellent performance
     Frequency Shifter:
     (only one design)                    Absolutely fantastic module
     Sample and Hold Units:
     S&H-1      FET-based                 Works well
     S&H-2      Same with more features   Never tried
     Slewing Circuits:
     SC-1       Linear glide w/op-amp     Works well
     SC-2       Linear glide w/FET        Works well
     SC-3       Exponential glide         Works well
     SC-4       Voltage controlled        Works well
     Noise Sources:
     NS-1       Noisy transistor type     Works well
     NS-2       Digital PRBS              Never tried
     NS-3       Noisy transistor type     Never tried
     NS-4       MM5837-based              The famous digital "thumper"
     NS-5       Cascaded op-amp type      Never tried
     Analog Delay Lines:
     ADL-1      MN3001-based 1024 stage   Never tried
     ADL-2      MN3005-based 4096 stage   Works great
     ADL-3      SAD1024-based 1024 stage  Works great
     ANM-1      Multi-phase sawtooth      Never tried
     ANM-2      Multi-bandpass            Never tried
     Part 4 - Appendices:
     "But What Should I Build Right Now?"
     "Aids on Obtaining Parts"
     "How I Make My P.C. Boards in a Matter of Hours"
     "Putting Your Circuit Boards Inside Something"
     "How to Actually Build Something"
     "Information on New and Special Purpose Music IC's"

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Subject: Re: Electronotes Summary?
Author:  steveb at pond.com (Steve Beuret) at ccrelayout
Date:    1/25/96 6:21 AM

Could someone please post a short list/description of the circuits contained 
in the Electronotes Preferred Circuit Collection.  It would also be nice to 
see a review from anybody who has used them.

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