electronotes again

Barry Bernard yrrab at well.com
Tue Jan 23 18:56:18 CET 1996

  I get the feeling that my list of people for Electronotes dist North America
somehow got mangled so here it is again, with an addition.

Bill Fox
Byron Jacquot
Chris List
Dan Higdon
Duane R. Balvage
Olivier Hebert
Ross Lahlum
Steven Varner
Tomy Hudson
R.G. Keen

These people have expressed their interest but I haven't recieved a mailing
address yet.

Alan Smithers
Bob Zimmer

 I figure that we can do this sort of like a chain letter. You recieve the
original, make a copy for yourself and send the original on to the next person.
I was going to make all the copies myself, but the copiers where I work are in
bad shape right now. The Document is 200 some odd pages printed the most part
on both sides of the page (that is 200 including front and back).
  Sorry about the cutoff list. hope this one makes it through.

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