Seeking more Op-Amp Wisdom

A.S.P. ms20 at
Tue Jan 23 18:49:43 CET 1996

On 23 Jan 1996, Lahlum Ross wrote:

> I recall seeing something in a book by Walt Jung (maybe it was "Audio OpAmp
> Cookbook?) about the 080 family being sonically better than the 356 family.
> Poking around in various pieces of hi-fi gear, I've seen a lot more 080's than
> 356's.  I believe the 080 is a newer design than the 356.

That's interesting.  I've been under the impression that the 356 is good 
for pre-amp purposes.  Seems like it would have to sound good to be used 
for that.  

While we're on this subject - how much better are opamps like the 
LF411/412 than the TL07X series?  How about the Analog Devices series?  
Is it really possible to hear that much difference?


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