Seeking more Op-Amp Wisdom

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Tue Jan 23 16:58:58 CET 1996

     Yeah we stock them here at work so any time I need some I just raid 
     the bins in the lab! Best reason of all.
     Seriously the TL082 is in the mid-range of op-amp desireability. It 
     fills the need in general-purpose applications, like all those old 
     circuits where 741's or 1458's are used. I've found it to be quite 
     robust, as opposed to something like the CA3140 which tends to blow up 
     if you look at it funny (that's the price you pay to get really really 
     high input impedance). But there are ceratinly other op-amps with 
     better specs, and usually the price reflects this. I must say I 
     haven't tried all of them to compare their best features, but if the 
     databook numbers look good, by all means give them a try.
     - Gene
     gstopp at
     p.s. you mean "LF356", right?

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Subject: Seeking more Op-Amp Wisdom
Author:  Christopher List <Christopher_List at> at ccrelayout
Date:    1/23/96 10:50 AM
I was looking through data sheets last night. Is there **ANY** reason to use 
TL082's instead of LM356's?
The 356 seems to have better performance in every respect... 
Offset voltage, noise, slew rate, offset current, settling time, distortion...
The only thing the TL082 has going for it is a slightly wider bandwidth, but 
since I'm always in the +/-10v range it doesn't matter. Is there any other 
reason to EVER use a 082 instead of a 356? (Besides the price difference)

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