Seeking more Op-Amp Wisdom

Lahlum Ross ross_lahlum at
Tue Jan 23 10:21:19 CET 1996

I recall seeing something in a book by Walt Jung (maybe it was "Audio OpAmp
Cookbook?) about the 080 family being sonically better than the 356 family.
Poking around in various pieces of hi-fi gear, I've seen a lot more 080's than
356's.  I believe the 080 is a newer design than the 356.
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Subject: Seeking more Op-Amp Wisdom
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Subject: Seeking more Op-Amp Wisdom
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I have the collected discussions regarding op-amps that have gone on here and 
on AH, but I was wondering...

I was looking through data sheets last night. Is there **ANY** reason to use 
TL082's instead of LM356's?

The 356 seems to have better performance in every respect... 
Offset voltage, noise, slew rate, offset current, settling time, distortion...

The only thing the TL082 has going for it is a slightly wider bandwidth, but 
since I'm always in the +/-10v range it doesn't matter. Is there any other 
reason to EVER use a 082 instead of a 356? (Besides the price difference)

- Thanks, 

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