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Sat Jan 20 02:47:20 CET 1996

>From: Anders Sponton <Anders.Sponton at>
>556 = Duoble timer, available in Sweden at ELFA with part no. 73-041-99 and
>priced 5:35/each

In the 1970's there was an opamp that came out with the 556 part #.  This
isn't the 556 dual timer! :o

>Fr}n: 	Konsult Niklas Lindberg[SMTP:konnlg at]
>Howdy DIYers!
>Since I've now got the EN papers, I've stumbled across some
>minor problems with parts...
>Firstly, what is the complete name of the 556 opamp that are
>so frequently used, and are there any suitable replacements for
>this one ? I can't find it anywhere...

In place of the 556, you can use most any other higher quality opamp.
LF351, LF356, TL071, TL081.

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