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Fri Jan 19 13:05:23 CET 1996

556 = Duoble timer, available in Sweden at ELFA with part no. 73-041-99 and priced 5:35/each
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Howdy DIYers!

Since I've now got the EN papers, I've stumbled across some
minor problems with parts...

Firstly, what is the complete name of the 556 opamp that are
so frequently used, and are there any suitable replacements for
this one ? I can't find it anywhere...

Second, does anyone know how to get hold of TempCo resistors in
Scandinavia (or Europe), or is there some way to get past the
use of such resistors ?

Third, anyone have any opinions of the MAT-01 matched transistor
pair as alternative to the AD818 used in the original circuit ?
(VCO option 1)

Bonus question to Juergen: Is there any place we can find details
about your Interpolating scanner or could you mail them again ?

Grateful for any answers!

Cheers /Niklas

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