909 Sample roms

Colin Fraser colinf at easter.euro.csg.mot.com
Wed Jan 17 15:21:34 CET 1996

Given the ridiculous prices that a TR909 fetches these days I recently
started building my own from the Roland service notes.
So far I have working bass, snare, clap and rimshot circuits. The toms should
be easy enough too, but I'm not desperate for these at the moment.

I'll be building the hihats, crash and ride next, but as these sounds use
samples held in 32k roms, I'll need to get a copy of the data from a real
I can build a clip on probe that I can connect between a 909 and my BBC
micro, and extract the data by triggering the sounds, but this could be a lot
of work, and I need to find someone willing to let me do this to their 909.

Unless of course, someone out there has already done this, in which case I
would be very grateful for a dump of the roms in any useful format.
Given the ease with which the 909 circuits can be built, there might be
others around who could use the data too.



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