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Tue Jan 16 17:56:05 CET 1996

     I guess I'm the one who started the recent Electronotes thing....
     I made a couple copies of the Preferred Circuit Collection and sent 
     one to Europe and one to Barry Bernard (hey Barry, are ya there? are 
     ya swamped?). The European copy was to be circulated and the local 
     copy was to be copied on a per-request basis, through Barry's most 
     gracious offering to do it (BTW thanks again Barry!). I just couldn't 
     handle the distribution myself. I have dog-eared copies of 
     Electronotes 1-134 and the PCC (but not the Musical Engineers 
     Handbook). It's real hard to copy these, as they will not feed in a 
     Xerox machine reliably (and here at work I have the latest and 
     greatest of copier technology). So I made a master copy page-by-page 
     of the PCC for the list, as long as somebody else would to the 
     additional copying. Then I copied and sent a bunch, late last year.
     I have two extra PCC copies left over from my last copying binge. It's 
     true that Envelope Followers options 1 and 2 are missing - that's the 
     way my master is (rats!). I think what I'll do is copy those circuits 
     from the Electronotes volumes and add them to the two remaining PCC 
     copies, and offer them to list members who can offer to do either a 
     circulation or more copying. Email me if you want to offer such a 
     service to other list members.
     Theoretically Bernie Hutchins (the author) is still in business 
     selling copies of all this stuff, but I've heard stories about either 
     his extreme slowness or total lack of response to requests. It's no 
     big deal to me, I mean I don't know where he's at in his life right 
     now and let's face it, this stuff may not make the top ten list of 
     life's priorities in some people's existence.... Besides I DID ask him 
     last year on the phone if I could make copies for friends and he said 
     OK. There's no copyright mention on any of the schematics or related 
     text so as far as I can tell this stuff is fair game. Let this 
     paragraph be my disclaimer.
     Anyway like I said I do have a couple more copies of the PCC so 
     somebody offload me please. Thanks!
     - Gene
     gstopp at fibermux.com
     p.s. for those who don't know what Electronotes is all about, it's a 
     newsletter originally distributed in the '70s and '80s which was all 
     about building your own modular synthesizer. The circuits that were 
     published ranged from low-cost simple solutions to high-end 
     professional quality stuff.
     Also list member Barry Klein wrote and still offers his book on the 
     same topic, with some of the same material even, which BTW was very 
     favorably reviewed in the pages of Electronotes at the time. Time for 
     another plug, Barry!

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Subject: ElectroNotes, and related...
Author:  "Duane R Balvage" <dbalvage at ptdcs2.intel.com> at ccrelayout
Date:    1/16/96 8:45 AM

   If there is a copy of Electronotes Builder's Guide and Preferred Circuit 
Collection going around in North America, I'd like to get on the list. 
for the Musical Engineers Handbook, Electronotes issues, or any other good 
book.  E-mail me for the address if you have one of these circulating books.
Thanx a lot!!
                             Duane R. Balvage

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