19 in. racks

Steven Varner svarner at cello.gina.calstate.edu
Tue Jan 16 12:01:00 CET 1996


Greenhorn question number 32:

I went to several surplus places to look for 19 inch racks.  I want a desktop 
size, but the surplus stores only have these ceiling height things or massive, 
enormous metal boxes for computer-type stuff.  Radio (can I have your name and 
address) Shack has table type racks, but they are a couple hundred each.  I 
don't even want to think about music stores...
I think if I could get the L-bracket strips with the threaded holes, I could 
make my own cases out of wood.  I know I could just drill into the end grain, 
but I want to be able to take modules on and off without risk of stripping the 
threads.  Anybody know where I can get racks or rack-mount metal strips to be 
used in building my cheap modular setup? 

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