components usefull for builders?

Franck PISSOTTE 100117.200 at
Mon Jan 15 23:51:45 CET 1996

i read the entire archive for diy 1995.
Was very interesting. Next week i should be able to surf web page, so be ready
for lots of questions.
Search schematics to build a very inexpensive synth (have to use my stock of

i extracted from my "database" some info:
don't know if it is of interrest for builders.

matrix connector:
made by ghielmetti. jack with or without diode. for your fully modular synth?
two model see in an 94 catalog by RS components
small for pcb 10x10
large for front 15x15

resistive wire
d=0,1  R=62 ohm/m
d=0,2  R=15 ohm/m
d=0,3  R=7  ohm/m
d=0,4  R=4  ohm/m

don't know if they are strong and good for string instrument experiment

Dual transistors:
2N2918 NPN
2N3810 PNP

Transistor array:
CA3096   DIL   3xNPN 2xPNP

LM311 200ns
LM319 dual 80ns
LM361 20ns
NE529 20ns
all are +/- 15V

New OpAmp (was last year <g>) with high quality and fair price $3 to $6
LM837 quad low noise very low distorsion
OPA 604 low 
X9314W  XICOR   10k Log   32 step
LM1972N NS      2x40k Log
DS1802  DALLAS  50k Log   64 step
DS1267  DALLAS  2x10k     256 step
DS1267  DALLAS  2x50k     256 step
X9241   XICOR   4x10k     64 step

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