Analogue Valve Synths ??

Stephen Holloway Stephen.Holloway at
Mon Jan 15 16:31:34 CET 1996

Hello, All

I've been toying with the idea of using vacuum valves in the design 
of an analogue synth. I'm aware of the use of valves in guitar amps, 
audio pre amps, etc. and have seen some valve oscillator circuits 
described somewhere before. 

Has anyone tried making valve vcos / vcas / vcfs ? Does anyone know 
of any particular advantages in favour of using valves in such 
circuits ?(apart from the fact that they have a cool orange glow).

Obviously there are going to be some disadvantages in terms of psu 
requirement and power dissipation.

I would be grateful for any thoughts on the matter.

Steve Holloway 

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