PCB of the EN tri-square VCO!

Yves.Lefebvre lefy01 at zeus.gel.usherb.ca
Sat Jan 13 19:09:47 CET 1996

Hi everyone!

I had made a pcb layout for the Electronote vco (EN-76 vco option 2) or the
one in Barry Klein book "Electronic Music Circuits"(fig 4-7 p91).

I didn't put components values, just the names and a conversion chart for the
2 differents books so you will have to had one of those books.

The pcb is in postscript and you can reach it at my web page :

I had build one and it's working.

If you had problems or questions you can reach me via email :
lefy01 at zeus.gel.usherb.ca

I had acces to my account only the week end so reply could take some time.

Yves Lefebvre

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