Control vol. and patch cords

Steve Beuret steveb at
Sat Jan 13 00:37:44 CET 1996

Re. what kind of patch cords to use on a DIY synth:
>Patchcords --  Some modules use big luggy 1/4 inch plugs (and sockets)
while others...
>Steve Varner
>svarner at

Buchla and Serge (and probably others) had a good idea when they chose the
one type you didn't mention - Bannana Plugs!  They stack, so you don't need
mults.  All your modules share the same ground anyway, so the single
conductor of the bananna jack patch cord is all you really need.  They also
have lots of contact area.  One construction/repair nuisance is that all the
ones I've seen push through the hole from the front and have the nut in the
back - looks nice, but you have to unwire to remove.  And they're colorful!

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