On becoming an Electrical Engineer?

johns at oei.com johns at oei.com
Fri Jan 12 14:53:44 CET 1996

     I too was interested in starting out in the Electronic Music industry 
     when I graduated with an EE degree in upstate NY in 1981.  I spent my 
     college years compiling addresses so I could flood the market with 
     resumes.  That turned out to be NFG!  The lessons I learned are the 
     same ones most people learn.  "Learn by doing it yourself" and "It 
     pays to know the right people".  
     The industry is not as lucrative as say consulting where there can be 
     big bucks.  Lots would love to work with Bob Moog but he can only hire 
     so many.  Not to mention quite a bit technology development is done 
     offshore.  I think most in the business are there because of the love 
     of it rather than the money.  Of course there are exceptions.  An EE 
     degree is only part of the picture; You gotta have a good business 
     sense and possibly big balls to take big risks and start an electronic 
     music business endeavor.
     That's the way *I* see it.
     John Speth

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