michal mcelhany mcelhany at
Fri Jan 12 17:05:58 CET 1996


I was wondering if anyone out there has had noisy experiences with the 3080?
I've used the TB303's VCA circuit which normally controls a BA662 custom 
OTa, to control a 3080. It works although a noisy pulse arrives with each 
note.  The BA662 had the signal going to it's + input while both the 
+ and the - have 2.2k going to a electrolytic 10/16v to ground.  Since 
normally the 3080 is controlled with maybe less juice than the Ba662 I 
tried putting resistance between the control and pin 5.  Thsi did not 
seem to cut this noice problem. therefore does anyone see anything 
uncanny about the input and the - pin being grounded with the 2.2k's and 
the cap?


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