Control vol. and patch cords

Steven Varner svarner at
Fri Jan 12 12:46:00 CET 1996


Looking at books and the standards for the modules I was building from 
Digisound, I noticed that CV's come in two flavors.  Some module systems 
recommend 0 - 5V, while others go up to 10V (Digisound for example).  The usual 
audio signals are 10V peak to peak (0-10 or -5/+5).  Does it really matter 
which CV I use?  Is one preferred by anyone for any logical reason?  Could one 
use both?  I obviously want to use CV signals for audio and audio for control 

Patchcords --  Some modules use big luggy 1/4 inch plugs (and sockets) while 
others use 3.5mm (1/8) minis.  The latter would seem to make lighter cords that 
wouldn't have to be stuck in 2 inches when changing patches.  On the other 
hand, 1/4 inch is more used on audio stuff.  Any preferences out there?
BTW, if I make my own cords I should solder the shield to only one plug, right? 
Otherwise I'll get a ground loop to the panel or socket's ground (earth)?

Steve Varner
svarner at

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