AW: KORG PROPHECY and new Module

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Thu Jan 11 21:57:00 CET 1996

>Yeah, I know it's NOT analogue, but it's so interesting, so powerfull (I 
>mine 1 week ago), that you should check it quickly.
>Here are the exact spec. :

No, this is not the deserved flame for this non-analogue message
(I am too excited by Physical Modelling, myself, at the moment (;->) ).

Anyway: Before You consider buying a Prophecy, note that Yamaha
has drastically reduced the price of the VL-7 (which is by far superior
in quality to the Prophecy, IMO.)
In Germany, the VL-7 still is a few hundred DM's more expensive than the 
but in UK it seems to be different. I got my VL-7 brand new for UKP 849,-
at Turnkey, London, which is cheaper than I can get a Prophecy, both in
Germany or England.

BTW: Is there a discussion forum / Mailing list etc. for the VL synths?


PS.: Instead of an apology for *my* non-analogue posting, here comes
the features of my new JH-3 Module (PCB layout finished at the moment):
It contains:

(1) A Resonant Envelope
      based on an EN idea. Actually a SVF in the LF range, with time 
      and Q switched by a gate signal. I made some changes to the original
      design: Mine is usable as a resonant slew limiter as well (2-pole 
      and I replaced the reverse-connected log pot for the Q amount by a lin
      pot and a PNP pair.

(2) A configurable logic gate. 2 inputs, one output. One 3-way switch for
      AND / OR / XOR operation, and one 2-way switch for norm/invert.
      one input has a pull down resistor, the other one a pull up; so I can 
      it as any type of switch trigger to voltage trigger converter as well.
      I used discrete transistors instead of logic ICs for obvious reasons.

(3) An analogue clock divider. Instead of using flipflops and rotary
     switch to choose between different division factors, I build some
     charge-pump / staircase generator. A poti and a CV input define
     the reset threshold, and thus the division factor. (I hope it will 
     Intended as voltage controlled sub-harmonic generator as well as
     as an normal clock divider.

(4)  A VCA/overdrive stage.
       Z-diodes clamp the output voltage. Drive it with a OTA in linear
       operation, and/or with a manual pot into saturation. Even use it as
       cheap balanced modulator for certain manual setting.

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