schematics wanted

Steven Varner svarner at
Wed Jan 10 12:35:00 CET 1996

Hi folks,

I'm new to synth-diy.  I'm interested in compiling as many different module 
schematics as possible and comparing them to see what I want to build.  Anthing 
for a modular synth is OK (specialty IC's, discrete, simple, complex, etc.).  I 
looked on Music Machines and there didn't seem to be too many analog synth 
module schematics.  Anything from electronotes or any book is OK -- I don't 
have tons of stuff myself yet.  Whatever I have that others don't I'll be glad 
to share.  I just don't want to post stuff that everyone and their mother has 
seen before.

BTW, couldn't we somewhere make a storehouse of all the schematics that we all 

Steven Varner
svarner at

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