Vactrol Query

A.S.P. ms20 at
Fri Jan 5 07:32:27 CET 1996

I'm in the process of laying out a circuit board for the Buchla Lowpass 
Gate.  The original module used Vactec 2C3 Vactrols.  According to the 
chart in the Newark catalog the stats for them are: Max On-Ohms Light 
Adapt - 2000; Max Decay to 100K 35ms 

If I understand this correctly, the first is the maximum resistance one 
of these devices will offer.  The second seems to be response time.

The reason I'm posting about this is because I have a stash of Vactec 
5C4s and 5C4/2s, which have different ratings.  The max on ohms for these 
are 200 and 500 respectively and Decay is 1500ms for both.  

My guess is that I could compensate for the resistance differences by 
changing other resistances in the circuit, but I wonder if the lag would 
be too great.

Any feedback?  Sorry if this is something really obvious, I'm just not 
that familiar with optoelectronics.

ms20 at

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