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Tue Jan 2 18:23:57 CET 1996

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>Subject: SSM sources
>     Does anyone know if the SSM (Solid State Music) ICs are still in 
>     production anywhere?  Occasionally I hear about some scattered caches 
>     being sold but I wonder if they are being manufactured.  Also does 
>     anyone know of anybody who sells reliable and not-used SSM ICs?
>     John Speth

SSM chips are still being produced by Analog Devices (who bought PMI who
bought SSM) but, not that chips that we'd find useful.  Only some high end

The only sources of unused SSM stuff now will be people's junk boxes around
the world, and service center's junk boxes.

A good (though just about as rare) source of SSM filter chips are dead
synths.  I've gotten a 2040 each out of a PMS synth and a Crumar synth.
(Both dead, far beyond repair but the chips were still good).

SSM2044s can be found in Korg Tridents and Poly 6's.

The 2044s are much easier to find than the 2040s, but they're also nowhere
near as powerful, as they're dedicated 4 pole LPF configuration filter chips
whereas the 2040s are 4 discrete gain cells/OTAs which can be configured for
any filter configuration that we'd find useful.

I don't know of any available or current pricing, but the lastest prices
that I've seen on 'the street' are:

2040 - $40US
2044 - $25US

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