Pink noise circuit??

johns at johns at
Tue Jan 2 08:51:54 CET 1996

     When I was a kid in high school, I remember building a 2 transistor 
     pink noise generator.  I think it was nothing more than an NPN 
     transistor "biased" to 18 volts across the collector and emitter and 
     the base was not connected.  This caused breakdown noise that was 
     amplified by the other transistor.  It produced really clean and 
     random noise and didn't have that periodic thump that IC based 
     pseudorandom pulse generators produce (like the MM5837 IC).  So today 
     I can't find the hardware I built or the schematic.
     Does anybody know of such a circuit and where I can find it?  I 
     remember finding this in a book called "Experimenting with Electronic 
     Music" (I think) that I got about 22 years ago.
     John Speth

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