SEQ2 Problems

tomg efm3 at
Thu Jan 4 03:08:27 CET 1996

I'll work up a series of  logic tests for you....hold on...


> Right I have built the seq2 but am not getting a peep out of it!!
> I tried the regulator just before inserting the IC's and got near 
> enough+-12v
> Has anyone found any problems with the Seq2 board?
> (Before I rewire everything)
> Couple of points:
> I am using a 12-0-12V 100MA transformer
> The capacitors are mainly ceramic disc except C1,C2,C5,C6
> For the caps on either side of U13 I have used electrolytic cans 1uF
> 63V
> Caps are the right way round!
> Everything is pretty neat, I have checked the solder joints and wired
> the step, start/stop, Up/Down microswitches to +12v as well as the 
> Glide,Slide Length, Gate Length control pots.
> The +-12v pads at the top of the board are showing about 3v with the 
> IC's inso maybe something is leaking to earth?
> I have also cut the overlapping track which Tom indicated some time 
> ago.
> Has anyone built one successfully? Are there any important adjustments
> I should be aware of??
> Help....TIA
> Keith Winstanley

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