envelope followers

Kevin majmoog at leonardo.net
Wed Feb 28 11:44:39 CET 1996

   A little mod to a 2600 I'm doing now involves a 339 comparator that is
configured as 4 separate gate outputs that are spaced 1 volt from each

 The output of the envelope follower now outputs successive gates for every
volt it increases to. (Actually, the voltage at the beginning of the little
divider is adjustable so it could be every .5 volts or 2 volts or whatever)

The owner is a guitar player and would like to fire successive envelopes in
a modular of his as he plays harder. The gates stay high- very similiar to
an LED bargraph circuit.

The 2600 doesn't have a gate out from it's envelope follower stock, so this
should cure that!

This 2600 has LOTS of mods. I've added LED's that connect to the outputs of
the env's- they grow and dim in brightness to the env's. Clock and env fol.

Midi built in. Blacett frequency divider built in. Panels replace the
speakers and are engraved, not silk screened. Looks cool...!


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