Designing a Patchable Modular Synthesizer with Memory

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Thu Feb 22 10:21:39 CET 1996

On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, Ursula wrote:

> i have been thinking about this as well for quite some time, and i 
> thought i'd share some ideas on the patching system.  although your 
> proposed system is QUITE usable, and preserves physical patchcords, i 
> think it would just as intuitive and easier to use a different system.
> by a uP controlled matrix... with input/output vc gate (etc) buttons on the 
> modules.  hit a square wave out button from vco1, then the VCA input, and the 
> matrix programmer connects the patch.  

Yeah - I keep thinking about this as an idea.... sort of like replicating 
the VCS3 patch board, but with a matrix of switches (+ lots of LEDS!). It 
should be a (relatively) simple task for a uP to memorise the switch 

Hey Clive - try not to get het up about the followups! I for one find 
that reading your posts makes my mind start chewing over ideas that I 
wouldn't have (necessarily) thought about before.

Oh, and you make me laugh too.


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