(2) DIY Digital Scanning Keyboard (Cor Blimey!)

Clive Jones CJones at sni.co.uk
Wed Feb 21 16:58:00 CET 1996


>I think I missed something somewhere.  Please, tell me, WHY are you
>building your own keyboard scanner, when MIDI keyboards can be had so
>cheaply (you may have a few laying about)?


I'm not - I just thought I'd explain how it *could* be done if DIY'ers   
wanted to build their own. I guess as alot of list members are Engineers   
or Tech's and if they're anything like me - they would rather build their   
own than buy one and go train spotting on weekends wearing a blue anorak.   

Btw, anybody got any ideas on how to steady my nerves before attempting   
Juergens OB8 filter mod on my own baby?


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