CEM chips

J.D. McEachin jdm at synthcom.com
Wed Feb 14 14:06:57 CET 1996

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Jeremy Brookes wrote:

> I'm aware of the CEM 3340 oscillator but there seems to be a lot more parts
> available now. Would I be better going for a CEM 3374 Dual Oscillator over
> two CEM 3340s? Has anyone got any experience of these parts and can

Please don't use the CEM 3340 for experiments or modules.  The 3340 is 
getting rarer every day, and there are a lot of synths w/ 3340's that may 
need replacing someday.

Besides, 3340s sound pretty generic.  Build a discrete VCO for a more
unique sound.  Check out the synth-diy archives (there is one, isn't
there?) for Gene Stopp's EXCELLENT comparisons of various VCO designs. 


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