Electronotes dist

Barry Bernard yrrab at well.com
Thu Feb 8 05:57:40 CET 1996

here's the new flight plan for the Electronotes North American Tour. Now,
your all probably wondering "when is he going to send the damn thing out !"
or "what's the hangup" or some such. As I mentioned before, I was waiting
to get some more Electronotes information to add to it, making the stack
a little more complete. So far nothing has come through, so if I can't get
the info fairly soon, I will send out what I've got as is.



1. Richard Martin- Anaheim, CA
2. Steven Varner- Escondido, CA
3. Mark Cecys- San Jose, CA
4. Duane Balvage- Portland, OR
5. Bob Stotler-Seattle, Washington
6. Steven D. Clements-Kelowna, British Columbia
7. Steve Morrison- Midvale, Utah
8. Byron Jacquot- Laramie, WY
9. Wes Henry- Fargo, ND
10. Dan Higdon- Austin, TX.
11. R.G. Keen- Austin, TX
12. Jeff Bargainer- New Braunfels, TX
13. Berry Thrailkill- Fayetteville, AR
14. Chris Dunham- Gainesville, GA
15. Tomy Hudson- Greenville, SC
16. Scott Rider- Fairmont, WV
17. Bob Zimmer- Exton, PA
18. Bill Fox- Nazareth, PA
19. David Siffrit- Columbus, Ohio
20. Fred Becker- Indianapolis, IN
21. Ross Lahlum- Mt. Prospect, IL
22. Olivier Hebert- Quebec City, Quebec

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