Paia FracRak and CEM/SSM Descriptions?

Tomy Hudson wizrad at
Sat Aug 31 18:08:39 CEST 1996

Mathias Tornqvist wrote:
> Hello list,
>    Have anybody tried using the Paia FracRak system for their modular
> projects? For anyone who doesn't know what it is, the FracRak (Short for
[stuff deleted]

I have a FracRack w/ extra panels, though I haven't used it yet. I can
attest to the quality and sturdiness of the unit. It has panel mounting
holes on the back as well as the front. My first one will be for a
guitar effects rack for stomp boxes and things I've built. Controls
on front and all jacks on back (tied in to a MIDI controlled 16x16
audio patch bay), though I haven't figured out yet how to mount
jacks on the back without using panels on the back. This seems like
a waste, since its for a more or less permanent setup. 
I've even considered an aluminum U-shaped tray that would mount to
the front panels and provide mounting for rear jacks.

But I am seriously considering more FracRacks for my next modular.
They would also seem to be similar in layout to Serge gear (just in
case my money<>time ratio changes ;-).

Here's a run-down of Curtis chips:

3310 ADSR Env. generator (w/ individual VC of A, D, S, and R) ($19.50)
3320 VC Filter ($18.50)
3330 Dual VCA ($19.50)
3340 VCO ($22.50)
3360 Dual VCA ($17.50)
3379 VC Signal Processor ($20)

The prices are from an old PAiA catalog. I don't know what the
difference is between the two VCAs. I have a 3379 I'm planning on using
someday. I has a VC Low pass filter, a VCA, and a VC panner.


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